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ACX Marine
Air Compressors
Armored Personnel Carriers
Cargo Ships / Oil Tankers
Coastal Patrol / Rescue Boats
Shipping Trailers
Tactical Robots
Turbine Inlet Filters
Truck Mounted Air Compressor 

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ACX International , LLC
Rossoford, OH 43615

Phone: +001 419-704-2610
Fax: +001 877-229-6301

ACX International has over 25 years of technical supply experience and knowledge for a variety of projects and applications. We work with many well-known large product manufacturers in order to supply products to our customers around the world.

Our customers are often large corporations and governments, and we work diligently with them in order to fulfill  their exact supply requirements, adding customization when needed.

We confer closely with our customers, from specifications review and product selection to product modifications, ensuring that all necessary documentation and certification requirements are met. We also facilitate transactions with letters of credit, bid bonds, and performance guarantees.

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+001 419-704-2610